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$9.99 Ikat Dot Provance Valance in Lavender is so cute with ruffled trim. This valance has a slight irregularity which can be masked by simply gathering it on the curtain rod, as shown. Sold as is; no returns.

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For tips on how to measure your windows, check out the Diagrams tab. See the Description tab for more product information.

Featuring: This 50” wide lined provance valance is inside mounted on a tension rod and displayed on a 40” wide window. This style is an RLF Home original design.

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$9.99 Ikat Dot Provance Valance - OUTLET



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$9.99 Ikat Dot Provance Valance - OUTLET

  • Size Calculations: (Refer to the Diagrams tab for complete instructions on How to Measure a Window.)
    • Gathered (valance is gathered on the rod to create fullness): For continental rods, lock seam rods, or continental spring tension rods, an easy rule-of-thumb for calculating the size of the valance needed is to use 1.5X to 2X fullness. Example: 40” wide (window) x 1.5 (fullness) = 60” + 7” (sides of the rod) = 67”. Two 50” wide valances will create a full and gathered look. If using a decorative pole with finials, measure the width of the rod between the brackets, and multiply by 1.5X to 2X fullness, and do not include 7” for the sides.
  • Length: 16”
  • Widths: 50”
  • Rod Pocket: 3”
  • Trim Style: Ruffled fabric trim
  • Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
  • Curtain Rod Options: Continental rod | Lock seam rod | Continental spring tension rod (for inside mounted valances). Curtain rods are not part of the outlet.

How to Measure a Window

Measure windows with a steel measuring tape. Measure all windows in the room, even if they appear to be the same size.

Determine rod placement (options):

  • Distance out past window -- 4” each side is a good rule of thumb
  • Distance out past window -- abut against outside edges of window frame
  • Top of window frame -- corner to corner
  • Wall to wall

Determine drapery hardware to be used:

  • Determine how far above window to place hardware -- 4” above frame is a good rule of thumb
  • Determine return size needed (the distance that the rod projects from the wall/window frame

Measure for drapery length:

  • Apron length
  • Floor length
  • Ceiling to floor
  • Allow for floor clearance -- floor length draperies should end 1/2” above floor or just short of the carpet
  • Hint: Place a thin piece of cardboard on top of the carpet to help measure evenly.